Exercising your body keeps it healthy & beautiful
But what about your face?

We are so used to applying skincare to the face to improve wrinkles, sagging, puffiness and prevent acne or dull-looking skin. Guess what? All these concerns derive from under your skin: it’s either due to lack of blood circulation, insufficient lymphatic drainage, or tensions in the muscles. No wonder we are buying skincare and realize it doesn’t really help much. You need to tackle the problem from its root cause. The All You Can Face program is designed to do exactly that. It will only take you 10min a day to feel and see results after a couple of weeks if not days. Also, we empower you with the knowledge you need to make better choices when it comes to your skin, health, and wellbeing.

Look like you, just better
The All You Can Face method combines facial exercises & massages which will make you glow up at any age. You will still look like yourself but better - fresh, dewy and awake. By working out the facial muscles, they will become stronger, therefore the skin, which is directly attached to the skin appears plumper and lifted. Facial massages on the other will release tension to enhance blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
Improve facial asymmetry
Mother nature made no face 100% symmetrical and that’s what makes us beautiful and unique but lots of asymmetries are also caused by our daily habits. By learning what causes asymmetry in your face & exercising it regularly, you can strengthen the weaker side of your face & even out symmetrical imbalances.
Improve headaches & your mood
We hold a lot of tension in our faces - whether due to stress at work, grinding our teeth at night, or countless hours in front of the computer. The All You Can Face program will help you release the tensed muscles - this will make you more relaxed and in the long run will improve your overall wellbeing.
Master your communication skills
We are often not aware of how we are perceived by others because we are not aware of how our faces move when we interact with others. Furthermore, 70-90% of human communication is non-verbal - that means it doesn’t matter what we say but how. Faceyoga will help you gain awareness over your facial muscles and therefore communication.

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A Gift that keeps on giving

A thoughtful gift comes in many forms. Gift a person you love, a new way of approaching their own beauty. For 10 min daily they will be able to unlock new workout videos, track their progress and improve their skin & face. Surprise them with Face Yoga today and share the love of Beauty that starts from within.

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